Accounting Software for Small Business

275Keeping track of your business' finances is essential to profitability, so investing a dependable, intuitive accounting application is must. Find out which one of the latest accounting software packages is the best for your business.Accountedge Logo

OB Roundup

Small businesses seeking to ditch the notepads and sticky notes, or to replace aging accounting software, have a number of solid selections to choice in the current crop of money-counting applications. The latest feature-rich accounting software packages let businesses create detailed reports, view purchase histories, track monies owed, and myriad tasks essential to keeping a business profitable.

Besides providing many options to handle business operations, outstanding accounting software also delivers an intuitive, well designed interface.Quickbooks Logo You want to dig right into the important numbers, not wrestle with the UI.

Quickbooks Premiere Edition 2010 deftly balanced all of the most important aspects of accounting and emerged as the Editors' Choice winner in the desktop space, besting AccountEdge and Peachtree 2010. In the Web space, QuickBooks Online is the clear all-around accounting choice. Freshbooks and Outright offer good service in smaller business niches.

If you're in the market for accounting software, you won't go wrong with any of these selections—just make sure you choose the one best suited to your needs.

Desktop Accounting and Tax Software

AccountEdge 2010 For Windows
Price: $299
Though not as well-known as Peachtree or QuickBooks, AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) is a formidable competitor. Its accounting tools are thorough and accessible, and its speed and interface excellence make it a good choice for new users and old pros alike. Read the full review ››

Online Accounting

Quickbooks Online Plus
Price: $34.95 per month
QuickBooks Online Plus would be an excellent choice for a service-based (or very simple product-based) business that needs mobile access to sales and purchase tools and data, as well as payroll and basic time billing. But it's not a complete accounting solution that way that it's desktop cousin is, however. Still, it's exceedingly easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface. Read the full review ››

2010-04-01 16:16:26 by needadvicenospam

Best software for personal & bus accounting?

I have a small earthmoving construction business.
and i have a few personal bank accounts.
i need a super easy way to keep up with it all.
i want to download my bank account into the software easily. this is most important. i dont want to manually enter it!
i am not an accounting expert.
i want to be able to send it to a certified public accountant every 3 months for tax reasons.
and id like to be able to know how much tax i am gonna pay in advance before i owe it!
any help?

2012-01-13 05:36:09 by robbie_do_little

Small business/bookkeeping software????

I have a small start-up business. I currently have the starter version of Simply Accounting and it kinda sucks. Until I grow my business to sustain itself I don't want to fork out major $$$ for software. What is a good, reasonably priced program for doing invoicing, estimates, inventory, keeping track of expenses, sales tax paid and collected etc? Any input appreciated.
rob in toronto

2008-01-31 20:05:53 by --

Keeping the books for small businesses.

As in, learning Quick Books, which is an accounting software. Paying bills, logging deposits, running financial statements. Every business expects something different. Some want an office manager. I don't do that, but people do. Some want someone to do data entry. I do a little of that. I work more with very small businesses, and I produce financial statement and give them advice on streamlining their business practices.
For me, it works, because I can pick up my children after school. I've done a little bit of everything, so I actually have advice to offer those that really need it